Why Pangea?

Pangea Petény Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Hungarian consultants working as top experts of change processes and human resource development in the public and the business sector. The owners have been working in the fields connected to the company’s services for more than 15 years. We execute our activities as a corporate group in which Pangea’s partner companies and organizations gather references in various profiles and participate in submitting and implementing project proposals with their complementary activities. During the seven years of our operation our partners have gained grants exceeding HUF 21 billion, our owners contributed to founding a new company, several thousands of people attended our trainings supported from grants, and meanwhile we have implemented app. 190 consultancy and project generating projects. 

We had a double aim when establishing this company. On one hand, we wanted to achieve changes in fields where the development of governmental and non-profit organizations needs to be supported; such fields are education, the changes in public services, the improvement of employment in underdeveloped regions, the third sector, the development of social economy as well as innovative and rapidly growing fields like innovations in higher education or the innovations and investments by the actors in VET that have been of really considerable measure during the latest years. On the other hand, we initiate projects, we offer support in human resource development, strategic planning and launching investments for companies that use private resources, as well, but also plan to involve EU grants and credits offered for companies.

At the moment, our corporate group has 9 full-time colleagues, our work is supported by app. 30 permanent external experts and three organizations operating in the fields of regional development, enterprise development and grants management, one informatics service provider and a lawyer’s office experienced in public procurement – thus altogether we serve our clients with the help of 35-40 external professionals.

And a little science hiding behind the name. Pangea was a super-continent having evolved 300 million years ago, when the five continents were still standing together in the Oceans, and stayed together for 200 million years. This was the age of the dinosaurs, the species having lived for the longest period of time on Earth. For us, the three owners of the Pangea company group, this super-continent represents cooperation and common action. Our official cooperation started in a small village in Nógrád County, Alsópetény, this is why we use the name Petény…