What we are proud of

During seven years our company has participated in more than 100 projects as a consultant, expert or grant writer. Besides, we have prepared and implemented hundreds of accredited further trainings in which the leaders and teachers of more than 200 institutions have been given a certificate. As the consortium leader of huge consulting and training projects we possess valuable public procurement experiences, we have also managed complex programs involving several projects and trainings which in most cases have been supported from EU grants (Social Renewal Operative Program, TÁMOP and Social Infrastructure Operative Program, TIOP). During the previous seven years we provided support for our clients in gaining more than HUF 2 billion, in either elaborating the professional content or in doing concrete grant writing work.

What we are very proud of:

In the development of VET

“To support the planning of the VET system, in 2007 we made analyses for the Ministry of Employment and Labour by regional and national level (in the fields of the number of expected enrolments, scarce professions, unemployment and transformations in the institutional structure). Our clients used these analyses to explain and introduce the provisions of the new law on vocational education and training.”

„We launched our curriculum making methodology meeting the requirements of the new National Training Registry (OKJ) and we offer related consulting and training services. This methodology was tested and introduced by the Regional Integrated VET Centres which were supported by our firm, and they built their traditional and e-learning curricular developments on this methodology. The trained teachers and leaders have become able to make integrated and modular curricula involving several institutions. Concerning this field, we have two accredited training programs and a third one has been submitted for the accreditation process.”

“We participated in the organizational development of more than ten Regional Integrated VET Centres (TISZK), we provided consultancy and expert services in the organizational establishment of several TISZKs founded in 2007-2008 which contributed to the transformation of the VET system of 9 counties in Hungary.”

“We implemented 10 big TÁMOP and TIOP projects successfully during which we realized several developments from strategic development through the transformation of the adult education system to the improvement of company relationships and methodological developments supporting disadvantaged students.”

In public education development

“We cooperate with ten schools in several educational districts in mentoring programs offering a second chance in the form of educational support for disadvantaged young people in order to prevent drop-out.”

In grant management

“We prepared and supported the attainment of development resources amounting to app. HUF 2 billion by providing expert proposals and writing applications.”

In enterprise development

“We cooperated with several telecommunication companies operating in the field of direct marketing in complex organizational development projects in which we provided support in strategic planning, human resource development and business planning.”

“We helped two Hungarian big companies to attain EU training support for their employees’ further training which, besides others, included organizational development, communication, marketing and LEAN management trainings organized by our company.”

“We were successful in connecting VET institutions with the actors of the business sector, and are continuously working in two directions of this field: on one hand, we support the actors of VET to able to offer effective and up-to-date adult education services for the companies, and on the other hand to make sure that the uninterrupted supply of workers for the companies be provided by field practice and common company projects.”

“We also participated in the preparation of R&D and innovation projects in which the objective was to connect research places and company developments.”

In higher education development

“We cooperate with institutions in higher education in the regions of Middle Hungary, the Northern and the Southern Great Plains; we supported them in the establishment of new organizational structures, in change management, career support, in transforming the R&D attitudes and property economics. We strived to transform the service activities of the higher educational institutions (intelligent learning environment, career support, improvement of attracting students, resource generation, transparent economy and optimisation of outsourceable tasks).”

Third sector: in the development of social economy

“Upon the request of the National Employment Public Foundation (OFA) we made the efficiency analysis of the results of the first Hungarian employment pact grant. Using the experiences of the employment pacts supported by the Regional Operative Program we collected the criteria of their sustainability, as well. Besides presenting our results we also made proposals concerning the next grant period, and we prepared a publication which might be a useful handbook for the employment cooperations already operating or to be established. At the moment we are participating in the implementation of the central program of the OFA in which we fulfil quality assurance tasks within the frames of strengthening the capacities of the NGOs offering labour market services.”

“We established a social cooperative for which we were given grant support, as well. Involving regional actors into the work of the cooperative we created several community services, and in the region we promote the possibilities of involving the actors of social economy.” 

In public administration development

“We provided expert services for several cities in making the applications for the call No. ÁROP-1. A.2. Support of the organizational development of Mayors’ Offices announced within the frames of the State Reform Operative Program (ÁROP) which promotes the organizational development and modernization of institutions operating in public administration.”