Resource acquisition for training employees

Owing to the alteration of the law on VET contribution and the support of education development in Hungary there is no possibility to decrease gross tax obligations by an agreement on development support or putting the expenses of the trainings of own employees to account. Thus a considerable part of the companies and ventures are unable or face serious difficulties in providing regular further trainings for their workers. However, grants offer the possibility of training and further training own workers in order to support workplace trainings at small, medium and big enterprises – with app. HUF 21 billion at a national level.

Our company offers wide range help for the business sector, and especially for SMEs, in getting familiar with grant possibilities and fulfilling all of the tasks to be done in relation to EU grants. From exploring the possible sources, in addition to the complex duties of grant consultancy and grant writing, we provide support in the contracting process and during the drawdown of the grants, as well.