Project generation and search for resources

How is it possible to generate new and financeable projects today when tens of thousands of developments implemented from European or domestic sources are running in the country? During our work with companies we often face the following facts: concerning the organizations and regions, really well worded lists of problems are available, objectives, too, are easy to find, but no concrete project activities bringing about real changes are started. There are several reasons for this symptom, but it is usually the transformation of the objectives into projects, or the creation of the financing background suiting the concrete ideas that cause the greatest problems for our partners. Another problem is that even if they have utilizable resources for launching the developments, these are not sufficient to bring real and durable changes into the life of the company. Staying in the market and their daily routine though do not allow them to get along in the world of grants requiring a lot of attention and administration.

For us project generation means drafting objectives, concrete actions and investment proposals on the basis of the known problems, we search partners, make an implementation plan, and we also make suggestions to involve external resources.

We always ask our clients the following questions:

  • Will the project or investment result in efficiency?
  • Will the project really achieve the planned changes set in the objectives?
  • Is it worth using external resources? Is it possible to be solved more cheaply or some other way?

In some cases our partner has the resources but they do not have any investment proposals, or these are not properly detailed. In such a case we offer help in elaborating the ways the financer can utilize the existing resources for the developments in the most optimal way.