Our mission

Pangea is a consulting and expert firm with a mission

  • in the public sector aiming at participating in the transformation and management of the public service and the non-profit sector that are both in a difficult situation in Hungary. In the public sector many of our works are related to the re-organization and modernization of the education system and employment-development activities, and we also work for the improvement of the cooperation between the non-profit and the business sector by strengthening innovation and the company contacts of VET and higher education;
  • in the business sector we aim to support the spread of the grant possibilities already routinely utilized in the public sector, to attain external resources for company trainings, strategic developments and investments and to support company leaders and owners in forming their strategies and in solving organizational development and management problems, and to transmit project management competencies in implementing new developments;

in the third sector we strive to establish and extend the operation of social economy in the field of job creation and employment. By utilizing the advantages of this sector we aim to introduce more flexible forms with the cooperation of business and non-profit sector participants and to promote the relating professional knowledge and culture as well as to influence attitudes.