Integrated rural and regional development

In our integrated rural and regional development activities we undertake to prepare various urban development documents, urban strategic analyses, e.g. based on statistical data and/or the measurement of local opinions. Our typical services in this field:

  1. We survey local and situational energies, potentials, location factors, social structures and human resource capacities.
  2. We participate in the optimisation and regulation of company seats.
  3. We analyse the existing planning documents in order to check their coherence and adequacy.
  4. We also make analyses of towns, quarters or action areas and support local decision making if required.
  5. One of our activities considered as important is compiling lists of duties, preparation of action plans, resource maps and efficiency analyses, the space informatics modelling of projects and the analysis of the economic-financial implementability and sustainability of projects.
  6. We support the collaboration of local society and promote the cooperation of the municipal, governmental, business and non-profit fields.