Improvement of employment – labour market services

We are engaged in the creation of contacts between employment and education, so we attach outstanding importance to the collaboration of the actors in the non-profit and the for-profit sectors.  

The experts of our company are highly experienced in establishing labour market services, in elaborating the frameworks of and implementing successful cooperations meeting the EU best practice quality requirements as well as in generating wide-range employment projects.

A highlighted form of enterprise: social co-operative

The more than forty social co-operatives having been established during the previous grant period are still in their childhood. They are fighting several financial, operational and human resource management problems. We offer them and the newly forming social cooperatives, as well, support in the form of the following services: 

  • preparation of applications
  • market analysis and preparation of business plan
  • legal consultancy in the establishment process
  • proposals concerning the competency development of the members and the employees
  • support of the agreements with local and regional partners
  • fulfilment of PR and marketing tasks connected to market acquisition and sales increase by training employees
  • trainings and personal development programs to support the smoother re-integration of those returning to the labour market

Our authenticity in providing the above services is strengthened by the fact that we are operating an enterprise of this type; therefore we are aware of all of the tasks, advantages and difficulties of applying for grants, implementation and sustainability.

Our labour market services:

  • preparation and moderation of workshops serving information and needs assessment (information of possible partners, declaration of intent to cooperate, rapid survey of demands),
  • consultant activity in the course of grant writing
  • formation of the organizational frameworks of cooperation, organization development
  • trainings – in project management, partnership, project generation, quality development, cooperation and communication
  • expert participation and consultancy adapting to the demands in the course of employment analysis, strategy making and service development, and preparation and moderation of relating workshops
  • establishment of labour market monitoring and information system (with up-to-date labour market, economic and social data, regulations and possibilities)
  • creation of uniform system of project management and documentation within the frames of the introduction of a quality assurance system
  • development and maintenance of supporting soft wares
  • generation of employment projects and preparation of resource maps