External support of organizational changes, crises and transformations

External consultants are usually commissioned by organizations executing some change if the transformation has already been launched but it has come to a standstill for some reasons. Leaders managing changes, crises or transformations face a lot of dilemmas to be taken into account:

  • I can see there is some problem, but what is it in fact? People keep complaining, but I would like to have a clear picture of the reasons that have led to organizational failures and the need of change.
  • I know what would be necessary, but there is huge resistance, my colleagues do not trust the process and so they do not support it either.
  • Measures and changes are drafted and planned, but they are not put into practice. Etc.

Concerning organizational changes, we focus at the following objectives:

  • Changes must bring about real results: business profitability increases, in the case on non-profit organizations efficiency grows.
  • Changes cannot be made alone, therefore we pay attention to the workers’ reactions and provide consultancy and training services connecting to the management of the resistance against the changes.
  • Executing changes in most cases needs the complex and parallel implementation of several projects. We support this by planning and program management services.