Development and renewal of training systems: development of higher education, public education, VET and adult education.

The experts of our company are most experienced in the field of education development: since the transition they have regularly been commissioned at governmental, municipality and institutional level, as well. Our experts have continuously been present in the creation or evaluation of education planning systems.
In transforming public education and VET systems, strategic planning and searching more effective solutions providing higher quality we provide consultancy and expert support for governmental actors and their background institutions, sustainers and associations of sustainers. Concrete developments of the near past included: establishment of institutional associations, survey of institutional activities, elaboration of cost effective solutions, elaboration of VET concepts and strategic plans, expert support of the establishment of Regional Integrated VET Centres.

When are we called upon?

  1. When too expensive solution was chosen, and a cost effective solution is needed.
  2. When the client wants a professional, content-focused concept to solve a problem.
  3. When the client wants to see the real roots of the problems beside the “symptoms” hiding in the system.
  4. When the client needs capacity calculations and concrete solutions of implementation fitting the existing legal or institutional regulations.
  5. When an absolutely new, system level change needs to be introduced.
  6. When the client wants to start big and complex developments and programs or wants to evaluate the operation of these.  

Our typical services in the education sector (public education, VET, higher education and adult education):

  1. Strategic planning, quality development including partner-focused operation and preparation of the regulation of the most important main processes.
  2. Consultancy services of content: e.g. introduction of curricula of new types and relating system planning and coaching, introduction of examination and evaluation systems, methods of dealing with disadvantaged youngsters and methods connected to students with special education needs;
  3. Management systems of new type (MIS) and establishment of the necessary informatics background;
  4. Services connecting to the finances and income – expenditure structure of the education system.
  5. Content developments which include educational, development and mentoring consultations, as well.

Our services done for Regional Integrated VET Centres during the latest years:

  • Accredited further training of teachers
  • Modularization and services related to curriculum development
  • Services related to disadvantagement and SEN
  • Services related to the measurement-evaluation  system of key competencies
  • Services related to the establishment of students’ tracing and career shadowing system
  • Services in curriculum development and content development
  • Services related to tools acquisition
  • Services related to the development of company relations and career shadowing
  • Services related to the development of community services
  • Services related to career orientation and profession marketing
  • Services related to grant writing
  • Services related to the establishment of shadowing systems

Services offered for higher education institutions

  • Expert support of institutional change management
  • Project generation and project planning
  • Grant writing
  • Planning and introduction of innovation processes
  • Development of grant management system and consultancy in relation to informatics support
  • Strategic planning
  • Screening organizational efficiency